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Testimonials: Raves & Reviews



“Our trip was sooooo incredible. You hit it out of the park on accommodations, tour guides and every driver was waiting for us. It was all very easy, yet action packed! Check out my Facebook posts on each stop, we took some great photos and tried to document our trip, so we can look back and follow it in chronological order. I’ve already given your name to three friends that are planning trips next summer after they saw our photos. Truly the best family trip ever, thank you for helping to put together such a thoughtful and well planned vacation. It removed an travel stress and we were able to enjoy it all.” — Carol Jendrezak

“We had a fabulous time! Thank you so much for all your hard work and planning of our trip!!! All of our hotels were top notch. We realized that the next time we go we would want to try to have a pool in each hotel because at the end of the day when your so tired from walking it is really nice to go sit by the pool and have a drink and relax for a bit! The pool in Positano was so great…and we literally would go there at 6pm and just chill before showering and going to dinner! All of our tours were great, the tour guides were so informative and nice, especially Freya! We rented scooters three times, which was so fun! A great way to see more of the places we went! A little scary too!” — Patty Simone

“The trip was awesome! Having the tours set up and drivers made all the difference in starting the trip. I was so impressed at how everyone was so on time and just so fun and passionate about what they did. I love Rome, it was so different then seeing in in my 20’s. David really enjoyed it, but his favorite was Pompeii. The hotels were great, Positano and Tropea were the best by far. Where we stayed in Puglia was good but the sister hotel Borgo Egnazia was unreal. It was more than we wanted to spend but we went for a drink one afternoon and loved it so much we payed the fee to go back and lay by the pool the next day. Check it out if you’ve not seen it. The drive to Tropea was absolutely beautiful, rolling hills, mountains, ancient cities on mountains, so green, farms and massive tunnels going right through the mountains. The roads were great, we never had an issues. It was a lot of driving and we were so lucky, the days we traveled it rained and the rest of the trip was 70’s to 80! We came back very tan. We did not do as much exploring in Puglia as I expected us to do, funny how you learn things about your spouse, we had an amazing time but in the end he just wanted to relax a lot and not drive somewhere every day. It all worked out, I have not complaints at all! You are so awesome, thanks for dealing with the changes. I would like to compensate you for the extra works so please bill me! I will highly recommend you to everyone!” — Julie Scozzafave

“All is PERFECTION! Everything is beautiful – the hotels are divine. We are all LOVING Positano and our rooms here!! We are boating today! The cooking class was very fun and the team so sweet. Love love love it – thank u for everything!!!” — Lynda Weatherby

“Just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed Italy (awesome) and everything went off without any issues. Your information packet was terrific and we never had any issues finding meeting locations, etc. Hotels were very nice (corner room on top floor in Rome) I could have thrown a rock on the roof of the Pantheon we were so close to the edifice (but I didn’t throw a rock). Great hotel rooms in Venice and Florence as well. Especially large hotel room in Florence was nice. My favorite location was the Vatican Museum, however; we had a blast everywhere! Thanks Much for your services!” — The Curry’s

“We had a wonderful trip to Italy and many times we found ourselves saying, “thank you Darcy” when we were very happy with our tours/guides, when traveling by train, taxi or on foot, for our varied and wonderfully located hotels and many other details that helped us immensely to enjoy our trip to the fullest and to learn so much more about Italy every place we visited.
It was also really great to join you, Freya and the others for an awesome two days in Florence and to share in the most delicious and memorable meals! I already have the bug to go back!! So, thank you, Darcy!!!
Take care, safe travels.” — Julie Schillhammer

“Well, we’re back and still getting over our jet lag. We had the best time! All of the B&B’s were great, and everyone was so nice. My sister and I both agreed that Cinque Terre was probably our favorite place- it was quiet and how we pictured small towns looked like over there. Miky’s was our favorite restaurant out of all the places we tried- the seafood was sooo fantastic! We ate there for dinner every night. Of course, we liked all the other cities too. Florence was especially great for the purses! Thank you for all of your hard work. You made everything so easy for us, and that made for an even better experience in Italy! I will definitely recommend you to anyone going over there. Thanks again!.” — Annie Z.

“That was the most amazing 10 days of my life! I went yesterday (in my exhausted stupor) and got my pictures developed…then I put them in an album last night…and almost burst into tears that I had to leave Italy! I loved Rome…and MUST go back to see the rest of it! Chianti was so relaxing and beautiful – we fell in love with San Sano and Montefioralle and Castellina (sp?)! In Positano I felt like the rich and famous…we found a cute restaurant in Positano that we wanted to tell you about – Cucina Casareccia da Vincenzo. The owner was hysterical and atmosphere was a blast. Loved the restaurant on the hill with the mixed grill…we danced, sang, and even did the YMCA. Thank you so much for making our vacation so very special. Every restaurant, every hotel, every town, every stop was perfection and totally romantic! ” —Holly and Jeff

Just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed Italy (awesome) and everything went off without any issues. Your information packet was terrific and we never had any issues finding meeting locations, etc. Hotels were very nice (corner room on top floor in Rome) I could have thrown a rock on the roof of the Pantheon we were so close to the edifice (but I didn’t throw a rock). Great hotel rooms in Venice and Florence as well. Especially large hotel room in Florence was nice. My favorite location was the Vatican Museum, however; we had a blast everywhere! Thanks Much for your services!—Richard C. Curry

“I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time Greg and I had in Italy. All the guides and drivers were wonderful! The dinners were fabulous. It was so nice to have a daily itinerary. i will highly recommend you to anybody I know that wants to travel to Italy. Thanks again!” —Denise

“Our family took a 6-week trip through Italy, France, and the UK last summer.  Darcy helped us with every step of the itinerary – from giving us ideas on which towns to stay and visit, to booking hotel rooms and air/train tickets, to arranging for drivers to pick us up at airports.  We saved so much time we would have otherwise spent on researching and booking things, and the places she recommended were great!  We loved all of our hotels and apartments and would gladly go back to them next time we are in the area again.  The staff in the hotel in Rome taught our children simple Italian phrases, and the people in the hotel in Venice greeted us by our first names since Day One.  Not only that, Darcy stayed in touch with us throughout the trip to trouble-shoot anything that came up.  We are so glad we asked Darcy to help us with our trip – it allowed us to focus on the experience, not the logistics.  It was a trip that all of us will remember for years!” —Akane Suzuki

“Darcy’s trip planning and itinerary services are amazing.  I wanted a special trip for my mom’s first time out of the country.  Darcy did not disappoint.  She took care of everything and left nothing to chance.  We felt well taken care of even though she was not with us we were covered,  from the train tickets  to hotel reservations, guides, etc.  In fact, a couple in the same Florence hotel was taking a train the next day and didn’t know the intricacies..I shared her “How to catch a train” in my packet she prepared for us and they made a photo copy to use the next day. Also,  her restaurant recommendations and sight seeing suggestions helped make the trip that even more memorable.  I don’t think we would have had the trip we did had it not been for using her services.  Thank you! A more than satisfied customer”  —Laura Richardson

“In July 2014 my daughters (17 and 22) and I travelled to Rome, Cinqua Terra, Florence and London.  Our entire trip was planned and organized by Darcy.  Our itinerary was all laid out for each day.  We had fabulous private tours (our tour guides were the best), dining suggestions (and some dinner reservations made for us), shopping suggestions, detailed maps, and train tickets already purchased.  I didn’t even have to figure out what to tip our tour guides.  Darcy made this trip so easy and spectacular.  One of my daughters had some health issues while travelling and Darcy even hooked us up with a doctor that made house calls. My girls and I experienced so much beauty and history on this trip.  We made some memories that will last a life time.  On my next travel excursion I plan to do this trip all over again and not change a thing!  Thanks Darcy!!”  —Sandra Parker

“Darcy orchestrated our trip, which was three weeks of hassle free, beginning in the Amalfi Coast which  held many adventurous moments. We had many highlighted events which include our private boat trip in Isle of Capri which included all the grotto’s and a lunch by Vito and dinner at the Lemon Tree.  Our journey through Italy was composed of exquisite hotels and restaurants – where we ate from morning till night-  the Italia way!!!  Our days at the Villa Bordini in Greve was breathtaking and loved all the hill top towns, plus our side trip to Pisa and Lucca, the best ever. Cinque Terre towns were unique and Bellagio at Lake Como magnificent. We reflect on our trip almost everyday since arriving back in America. We miss the Italian people. They were so hospitable and gracious plus the beautiful scenery and history of that spectacular country! We Shall Return!” —Norma Hockensmith and John Stephen

“We had a wonderful time and found that your help really made our trip special. Having small private guided tours is definitely the way to go. We thought Mauro, ancient Rome tour, was excellent! We’re going to recommend you to anyone we hear about planning a trip to Italy! Thanks again,” —Susan

“I just wanted to let you know that we got back to Seattle last night, safe and sound.  We had a great time in Italy – it was really the trip of a lifetime.  We loved everywhere we stayed and all the restaurants you recommended.  My husband and daughter both agreed that their favorite part of the trip was the bike tour through Tuscany.  I loved Florence and the apartment that was right in the middle of Piazza della Signoria. Thank you for all your help planning this trip!” Laura Freeman

“Thank you , Thank you, Thank you…… I cannot express the appreciation for the wonderful trip we had. You are TOP NOTCH and made the total trip a success. Your attention and patience with my Mother really made a difference and helped me a lot to enjoy also. We will have many great memories of the trip and the great ladies we shared it with. It is good to be home but reflecting back on all we saw and experienced is beyond expectations. I know that Sally and Diane feel the same way. From our hearts to you a very very big thanks.”—Robin

“We had a great time on our trip. You did a great job putting it together. I will certainly be in touch if I decide to go again and will recommend you to my friends.Thanks so much,” —Nikki

“We had such an amazing time…I just want to go back!! I had forgotten how amazing Italy is. We loved, loved, loved all of our hotels and would definitely recommend them. Palazzo Galletti in Florence was great. As was, Pensione Palazzo Ravizza in Siena, Il Gigante in Monterosso, and Hotel California in Positano (amazing room and view!!) The restaurant we went to in Positano was amazing (can’t remember the name–the place with the driver up on top of that cliff.) I didn’t have room to eat anything after the first course came. They literally brought us everything in the kitchen, and the staff was so nice and gracious.

We will for sure be going back to that location!! It was so great–we were in Florence for the World Cup game and what a sight that was to see! We actually forgoed going to Venice as we compiled quite a collection of luggage and it was kind of a pain to go there just for one day and lug all of our luggage around. So, Palazzo Galletti helped us find another hotel in for a night. It was so hot in Florence…we really enjoyed going to Cinque Terre after that so we could get some relief from the heat. Anyway, I could go on and on. I just wanted to let you know that it was such a successful trip. I’m glad to hear that Tim and Nicole are using your help, too! Thanks for everything! You will for sure be involved with our next trip to Italy.” —Amy

“Oh my word we had such a great time!!!!!! Way too many late nights I’m afraid…and yes I was a bit hung over that morning and did not make breakfast!!!!! When ended every evening at the American bar with the dollar bills so by the third night we knew everyone in the bar and way to many drinks getting ordered….but hey how many people can say they skinny dipped in the Ligurian Sea!!! The rest. Florence Il Latini was fantastic closed the place down with our table and moved on to another place….another very late night!!! Loved the walking tours of Florence people our guide Tanya was great!!!!!! Would use her again!!!! Blessing with the pope a huge hit!!!!!! So glad we did that!!!! Wine tour was good …the group we were with were great! LOVED Marie loved Monterosso so glad we stayed there!!!! Loved the Florence location as well!!! Loved Milan too….their duomo was my favorite and seeing the last supper was SOoooooo worth it!!! One of my highlights!!!! Thanks again for helping make mine and my parent’s trips possible!!!!!” —Ann

“Wanted to let you know that Ashley had the best time in Italy and much of it was due to your help and guidance! Thank you so much. She loved Rome, but especially loved Florence. Having the train tickets, museum tickets and tours lined up in advance was wonderful — she said they didn’t have to wait for anything. She followed your walking tour maps and said she covered a lot of ground! She said the underground Vatican tour was awesome, she loved Borghese — she didn’t have anything negative to say about any of the tours — she said all the tours were great and very informative. Her and Brittany loved the hotel in Florence and you were right, she fell in love with Tomas. Only wished he had been single! She said he and his family were very nice and gave them great suggestions and great hospitality. When she gets a chance, she will download her pictures and forward them to me — I will send them on to you — you will get a chance to see her “in action” in Italy.” —Connie


“We had a wonderful time and found that your help really made our trip special. Having small private guided tours is definitely the way to go. We thought Mauro, ancient Rome tour, was excellent! We’re going to recommend you to anyone we hear about planning a trip to Italy!” —Susan

“I did an evening walk for the Lottners the other day and I wanted to pass on what they said of you, they couldn’t say enough nice complimentary things about you. Your professionalism, availability, speed in responding, generosity & sensitivity to clients needs was all highly praised, noted & so appreciated. They said they are thinking of booking a trip to France with you now. Thank you again for a very nice working relationship, buona serata,” —Freya

“We are in Paris having a fantastic time. The apartment is beautiful. Italy was Amazing and all your planning was perfect. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. Unbelievable!! We all really appreciate all your hard work.” —Marilyn, Art and family

“We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful planning and itinerary! Everything went smoothly and was terrific! Using your service made all the difference. A lot less stressful for us. We very much appreciate what you did for us. It was a magical trip. Our hotels were great! We loved the experience especially at Fattoria Tregole. Edith is fabulous! Vittorio in Parma was so sweet! Our room was great! He really wanted to please us! We loved our tour guide for the cheese and prosciutto. Christina was terrific! We also enjoyed the lack of tourists in and around Parma. The car rental worked really well. We loved Tuscany!!!!!!

We loved the Hotel San Francesco in Rome. Super roof top deck and breakfast. We loved the funky neighborhood of Trastevere. Barbara the tour guide made all the difference for us. The Florence hotel, Residenza Johlea was adorable and big! Darling antiques and such nice ladies who run the place! Florence was so crowded with tourists, plus we were getting tired at that point. We didn’t walk around enough. We couldn’t get into the Uffizi. Stupid us didn’t think about a reservation. We didn’t go south of the river. We climbed the duomo tower-what a view! We toured Milan the day we got off the plane. We were REALLY tired, but did all the sites. Great restaurant near the restaurant recommended by the Westin. Trattoria Lie or something like that! We loved all the train rides. I am addicted to the Eurostar! We had fabulous food and wine everywhere we went! We went to a lot of your recommended spots. They were terrific. I can’t name them right now. You offered us so many choices.

We also have voted on the best gelato in Italy. The one is Castellina in Chianti rocked. Then Giolitti in Rome. San Crispino in Rome had such interesting flavors but not creamy. We had it every day. Siena and Volterra were amazing. We didn’t make it to San Gimignano though. Took too much time in Volterra The Ferrari Museum was great! Got balsamic in Modena. We didn’t care for the hordes of American tourists though. Unfortunately that is when Jake can go. Private tours and reservations made all the difference. I know I can’t think of everything now. It was all good. The Italian people were so friendly, and they spoke a great deal of English. We did do our best with Italian-the right thing to do. We are definitely going back, and when we do, we will call you up! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!” —Nancy

“I HIGHLY recommend Darcy. My fiancé and I used her to plan our trip to Italy in October. We had the most amazing trip thanks to Darcy’s organizational skills, attention to detail and understanding of Italy. When we sat down with Darcy, we talked to her about what type of trip we wanted – the types of things we wanted to see, the feel we wanted to leave with and most importantly, we wanted low stress in traveling. She did everything for us and she obviously listened. Everything from hotels, restaurants, trains, planes, tours etc …PERFECT!! We are planning on using Darcy again and again…can’t just go to Italy once! I am so jealous, what part of Italy are you planning to travel to and when?”—Holly

“Just a quick email to thank you for your perfectly, detailed itinerary for our family. We had the best time in Italy, and I know it would have not been the case without your expertise. We so loved the family owned hotels. Service was impeccable and the owners truly cared about our wellbeing. All of our guides were very knowledgeable and pleasant. Did not go wrong with any of your restaurant choices. The only question I have is when can we go back again?!? I do have to say Florence and the surrounding Tuscany countryside was our favorite location. Beautiful does not even do it justice! Not sure if you have ever seen the chanting monks of San Miniato in Florence, but if you haven’t you must see them the next time you are there. Fabrizio gave us that tip. The American Cemetery outside of Florence is a must see also. I could go on and on. I hope all is well with you. Will definitely be in touch with you again someday for our next journey.” —Jackie

“Fabulous doesn’t even begin to cover it!! We are having a wonderful time and already planning our next visit :-). Thank you for all of your help, it has been invaluable and has made our trip such a pleasure.” —Terri & Jerri

“We loved the Du Lac!!! Great place and we hated to leave the lake! We are now in Venice and oh my…… directions, crowds, what a change. We will fill you in on all the rest when we return. Du Lac gets our kudos.Thanks for your help,” —Jim and Joan

“Hi Darcy,Just a short note to tell you all is OK and everything is running like clockwork! Just as you planned! Florence was wonderful and the trip through the Vassari Corridor met all expectations. I invited the desk man at the hotel to accompany me, and he was thrilled! I have done everything suggested on your list of “to do” and it has been great! The hotel was fantastic, especially the roof top view from the Terrace. Left Florence, and took the train to Monterosso….wonderful, exciting trip looking out onto the Ligurian Sea in bits and pieces. Then the arrival! What fun walking down to the hotel. It is one of the best yet! Just fabulously decorated and the breakfast was up there with the San Pietro! I told the hotel staff the same and they were most pleased. I am on my way to Portovenere today, and then tomorrow on the train/boat to Portofino and SM! So I am trying to do it all, and walking/on my feet 7 to 8 hours a day.Thanks so much again for all you have done!” —John in Monterosso

“Darcy, We are home, jetlagged…..and so incredibly thankful for all of your help and planning. The trip was beyond all expectations – completely and totally fantastic. The preparations were invaluable, the guides were phenomenal, and the experiences that resulted were truly ‘once in a lifetime’. We’ll send more but wanted to send a quick note as soon as we arrived home….grazie!” —John

“Darcy, Glen and I may NEVER have such a perfect trip again, if we live to be 103!!! Thank you for the incredible lodgings, drivers that took us to the right locations (even if they didn’t speak a word of english :0), sequencing of cities and amount of days in each, the variety of activities, accurate train tickets, tour guides that really knew their stuff and were comfortable to be with, laminated maps, organized packet info, I could go on and on. It was ideal, and I found myself thinking “Thank you Darcy” multiple times throughout the trip–especially when it came to not having to stand in incredible lines. The food, of course, was fabulous. Italy is so romantic, Lake Como is spectacularly beautiful, that darn trail was a good workout in the Cinque Terre, Michelangelo’s works were fabulous in Firenze, and Rome still pulls me to come back.” —Stephanie

“Darcy, Chad and I are back from our vacation in Italy and we had a wonderful time! I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. Mauro was a wonderful tour guide, with LOTS of knowledge about everything and so much personality. We all enjoyed our day with him enormously. Thank you also for your recommendations on restaurants and wineries. We visited a few restaurants and most of the wineries and they were all wonderful!

Our experience with you as opposed to the other company we worked with was vastly different. We so appreciated your willingness to help and the knowledge that you have of the area. I will definitely use your company if we visit Italy in the future and have, in fact, passed your name on to others that have been interested. You helped make our trip truly enjoyable and memorable. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to working with you again!” —Katy

“This was the best trip of my life and all of you ladies made it so very special. Thank you. Getting back to reality is really tough. Want to start planning my next trip or will fall into a deep depression:( Ciao Bellas!” —Laura

“Darcy, Jim and I are so enjoying our trip. Fattoria Tregole was wonderful. Edith was warm and helpful. We visited all of the surrounding towns and ate wonderful food (especially at Gallopapa). Now we have checked into our hotel in Florence and are very pleased. Thank you for steering us towards such great places and accommodations. Ciao,” —Barbara

“Hi Darcy, We had a great time on our trip. You did a great job putting it together. I will certainly be in touch if I decide to go again and will recommend you to my friends.” —Nikki

“Hi Darcy – Sorry I have not caught up w/you. Our trip to Italy was awesome and really appreciate all the insights you gave us. We enjoyed Capri and Positano (the coast in general) the most… we saw Sorrento, Pompeii, Amalfi and Ravello. We loved Ravello and all the restaurant recommendations were great. Speaking of restaurant recommendations: I lost my hard copy of the recommendations that you gave us. Would you be able to send us a soft copy. Just would like to have it just in case we go back in the future (which we will ). Jack “the driver” was great too… really liked him and appreciated him touring us around Sorrento and taking us to a little place to eat right on the water w/a table reserved for us. The “family restaurant” up on the hill in Positano was fabulous too! That was a special treat.

We loved Edode in Capri… very cool place and the chef was wonderful and the wait staff superb. It was our “fanciest” meal (better than Splendido in Portofino) and we would definitely go back again. All went smooth… we almost missed 3 or our flights. One b/c of a delay and the other 2 b/c they board way earlier than normal. But karma was on our side and we made them… thank God!! The only weird thing that happened w/our flights is they charged us “tax” to fly from Genoa to Naples and the “tax” was 140 Euro or about $200 which was the price of both of our tickets. YIKES! So just a heads up to folks on that as we were not prepared. They did not charge us tax to fly from Naples to Rome probably b/c it was part of our e-ticket w/Orbitz.

Villa Rosa was just fine to stay at. Next time we go to Capri, we’ll stay in the main Capri town. The service and views at Hotel Weber Ambassador were great, but a bit of a drive and wait to get places. We hiked almost the whole island of Capri… so tons of walking! Unfortunately the weather was only nice 1 day to get the see the Blue Grotto and that’s when we were hiking the Capri side… so we never got to go by boat to the grotto… but we walked from Anna Capri all the way there and down to the entrance of in right on the water. Also we took the chair lift to the top of Mt Solerno. Very cool. Anyway, we are adjusting back to “reality”. Thanks again for everything and we’ll be sure to continue to recommend your travel service to others… it was worth it!” —Deb

“Dear Darcy,Well, we got back Saturday night and it’s been crazy here ever since–David moved to NYC the very next day and I had jury duty!–but I wanted to let you know that we had a FABULOUS holiday and we owe so much of that to you and your wonderful planning! I’ll write more over the weekend, but I did want to thank you for all your help ASAP. I want to go over some details with you and make some suggestions (we found a fantastic tour guide in Venice I want to tell you about)–I just wanted to get this in the mail.” —Sarah

“This adventure has been a life changing experience. It leaves me speechless. Words & pictures don’t do it justice. The best vacation of my life.” —Laura

“Darcy’s tour has been one for the memory books. How lovely to meet all my new friends. Come to Atlanta-you will always have a room & bathroom to call your very own.” —Vicki

“This was the trip of a lifetime & I am so so happy to be in Italy with 7 fantastic women who I will see again sometime.” — Arrevaderci, Amore, Gattina, Kitty

“Hi Darcy, 1. You are wonderful! 2. You are wonderful! Enough said??? I can’t tell you what a magical trip Glenn and I had – thanks so much for the time and effort on your part – it was all just SO great. We have lots of stories to share and hope that I can put my head back into Seattle soon and write down all the fun things to tell you. I wanted to tell you that you are so good and we are so appreciative – it’s the best vacation just the two of us have ever been on. In fact when we were watching Venice fade away into the distance from our water taxi we both broke into tears because we didn’t want to leave our vacation…..yes it was THAT GOOD! Sarah and her crew in the CT put on such an amazing dinner for us…they were tremendous as were all the staff at all the places….A+. We loved Barbara, GG, and crew too. So more to come when I have my head on straight…………Ciao for now!!”—Steph

“We were so happy that we used Darcy. She was very helpful in choosing and booking our hotels, giving us travel tips, booking our train tickets, etc. She knew all the ins and outs of everything. The tour guides she has access to were very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend her booking some private tours for you. We definitely will use her for our next trip to Italy. The money we spent was well worth it. We had a fabulous time, and a great deal of the credit goes to her for that.”—Susan

“Our trip went very well, and we had an outstanding time. All of your recommendations were great. Thank you again for your fantastic recommendations and impeccable planning and taste!! We really enjoyed the hiking you recommended in Positano and Capri, and got a good workout in both places. We hiked from Anacapri to Mt. Solaro (the cable lift was out of service) and then down into Capri via the steep decent where the mountains form a crevasse. We had dinner there and took the local bus back. A long afternoon. We saw all of the major villas, the natural arch, had lunch at Le Grotelle too!

Luciano gave us a great tour of the Island in his boat, and asked when you would be returning to Capri. Cheri had a long swim in the Green Grotto, it was too cold for me and Luciano The Blue Grotto was already too crowded, but the rest of the island was almost deserted that day. We hiked to the Blue Grotto separately, so we got to see that on another day. Il Solatario was very nice, and we were befriended by Linda and Anna, very nice family run place. All of the rest of the food was outstanding too, and we appreciated your recommendations in each of the places we stayed.

You must add L’Orso 80 in Rome to your list, wow… Hotel Vila Franca was outstanding in every respect, and the service was truly first rate. Another Rest to your list was Il Constentino, with a commanding view. We did the hike from Positano to Montepertuso, and then back on the alleys, steps and road…which was a long day (we somehow missed the bus). We found the bar mentioned in the text was actually open (the one after the Pasture), and it is a good place to stop for liquid, the restroom and lunch if the start is as hot as it was the day we hiked. The Cosmopolita in Rome was also first rate, newly renovated and in great condition all around, and the A/C was working as it was a very hot day. The tour of the Amalfi Coast with Umberto was great. I wished we’d had ore time in Ravello and the second garden there.” —Vince

“We’re still pretty jet lagged! Just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time on our vacation. You did an incredible job of planning it and we enjoyed it immensely. I have never seen Lee relax so completely on a vacation, ever! Thanks for taking such good care of us.” —Cindy


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