We at Ciao Darcy believe that the best way to fall in love with Italy is to experience it through the expert craftsmanship of the people who know it best. We are those people. We’ll take care of every detail so
you can truly live
la dolce

Itinerary Planning & Consulting Services



If you are not interested in a group tour and would rather go on your own, but do not have time to do the research or the booking, we can do it all for you!

Our itinerary planning services are designed for a worry free vacation.

We organize every aspect of your trip including accommodation choices such as lodging in luxurious hotels, villas or perhaps stay in a charming B&B. We will set up train passes, drivers, rental cars, day tours with wonderful local guides, or any activities such as wine tastings, cooking classes, bike tours, or perhaps a language class and of course, we confirm all reservations before you leave so you can relax and get ready for a wonderful Italian vacation!

Our consultation services can take place in person or over the phone. We follow up with all the information you will need to help you with all your bookings!

Please contact us for information on pricing

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